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Words and I... we have an interesting relationship - 

I couldn't wait to learn how to write. For as long as I can remember I have had stories in my head just waiting for the opportunity to come out into the open. However they did have practice patience with me. I wasn't that quick of a learner and up to this day my brain doesn't seem to want to understand the importance of grammer or punctuation. But that didn't stop me. If I only knew how to write three words, those three words had to suffice to create a story. There was a period of pretty painful backs and forths when it came to writing - for some reason others didn't seem to share my vast imagination for innovative spelling - but words and I we got back on track.

Writing is special to me, because it allows me to combine all other art forms into one. Creating plays for stage and screen and design lyrics to songs. Combining movement and poetry. Trying to find new ways to speak to the matters of the world and maybe through collective art, inspire others to do the same in whichever way they choose is the right path for themselves.

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