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My greatest passion in my profession is creating original content. (Screen)plays, dance pieces, songs, short stories, poetry - human rights often at the center of my work. As a big dreamer myself I do believe there is a way for us to build a better and more just world. Art has the ability to reach and move people. I try to stay aware of the responsibilities we have as artists to highlight certain issues without forgetting that a good laugh and an occasional escape from reality are just as important and necessary. 

SCHOKOKINDER is a piece consisting of live monologues and a short film. Schokohaut, Schokofresser and Schokostecher speak about the realities and effects of racism, fatshaming and homophobia in our modern day society. Constructed though personal experiences and interviews this project is a heartfelt look into topics that keep occupying our lives while telling the story of three childhood friends who come to find each other again later in life. Identity, beauty standarts and the question of "am I normal?" are things each and everyone can relate to. This piece is therefore not only the wish to educate but also for all of us to connect with the underlying human emotions we share and find ways to come together through them. 

PHANTOM PAIN is a socio-critical One-Woman-Play that explores the psychological effects of loss in various artistic approaches. The play consists of poetry, dance, vocals and monologues and is based on true events, accounts and testimonies. Even though the stories of the five fictional women portrayed in this piece (Amina, Sophia, Minnie, Kelly and Zakia) are fundamentally different and the characters themselves are in no way connected to each other, they share the same core notion: The pain of living on when something essential was taken from them. Human Trafficking, Separation of Families at the US-Mexico Border, Suicide, Depression and Rape are some of the themes captured and discussed in the play. It is an attempt to shine light on major issues from another angle. No faceless quote on the news - no far-flung anecdote in an article but a reminder of the humans behind those numbers and figures.

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