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Dancing saved my life!

To me personally dance is the principal, purest and most honest form of human self expression. I adore dancing! I adore watching people dance! In clubs, on the street, on stage, at home, infront of mirrors, on the grass in a park, on the subway, at the beach, in the ocean... there is no place on earth that is not a home for movement. 

I never thought I would ever call myself a professional dancer some day. I was so focused on acting and singing which came to me more easily in my early years and trying to figure out what to do with all those words and stories in my head that dance didn't really seem to have space. I was so caught up in the concept of right technique, body types and "having to start young" that I thought dancing would stay a late night party or home alone thing for me. But some calling from deep within grew louder and louder in my early twenties and I started taking classes every week. I started meeting more and more likeminded people who danced not because of what they looked like but how it made them feel. Dance is connection - to myself, to others, to life. And I am grateful every single day, that she found me!

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